Wednesday, July 16, 2008


He isn’t on his motorbike. That is disappointing. I am not getting a drop to my room. I’ll have to go back walking. He sucks today!!!

He comes walking enthusiastically towards me. His stride speaks for him. I look at his face for further elucidation. It has a weird mix of emotions. He is blushes stressfully and looks disoriented. Like chameleons behave when you feed them with tobacco. That is what I am exactly feeling looking at him. He has been intoxicated and he doesn’t know what it is. Maybe he is hallucinating and seeing life size Disney characters around him killing people and eating their guts. Or like he’s just seen superman squatting down and peeing at the edge of the road.

He stands before. I strain my nostrils to sniff the intoxication. I don’t smell any. He smiles awkwardly. Maybe he has just discovered his homosexual side and is about to court me to bed. I move a step back.
“Where’s d bike???”
“Didn’t get it…”
“Why??” I am astonished. He isn’t usually without it. I am also annoyed. But I don’t express it. It’s beer after all.
“We are going to get dead drunk today!!”
“And how will we go to the room??”
“Okay”. He was going to walk after he was drunk. He gives excellent bullshit at times. I am worried about post drinking session situation.
“Toh….what do we do now…..kidhar jaate hai???”
“Kidhar bhi…….that is not important” Then what is??? My inner voice asks him. I hate it when someone answers important questions like these with indecision. Where will we drink? Wherever…..This is no answer. Lets sit in the loo and sip beer. Wherever…

Concrete answers please!!!


We leave. Once in a lifetime moment. Walking to the bar.

We enter Chingara. He doesn’t speak a word on the way own his own accord. I tried starting a topic to talk with him thrice. He ended those in two sentences. His answers had an irate depressiveness in them. I controlled my fury for beer.

Since it is early, we have options. We choose terrace drinking to enclosed drinking. Drinking in open air. We take a seat near to the highway. I have a liking for ambience. I feel it is always important. The Ambience. Harshad has liking only for alcohol. He does not have any other likings as such.

“I’ve developed a liking….for a girl” Harshad says sipping his beer “for a girl”.

I gulp down my beer.

“Did you hear me???”He asked me. Goaded for sure.
“What did I say??”
“That you have developed a liking….for a girl”
“And what???” I fear I’ve missed something.
“And what is your reaction?”
“I am happy for you dude”. How the fuck was I supposed to react? Dance? Hug him? Kiss him? Congratulate him??? Congratulations!! You are the first mortal who has developed a liking. History will never forget you. Rascal!!
“And won’t you ask who the girl is??”

No!!! No!!! No!!!

“Who is she???” That 'to be Savitri'. I ask lazily.
“Queen Elizabeth!!!”I take a guess to myself. Its not spoken out to create a chaos.
“Sorry man…can’t do it…who is she???”

He blurts out her name.