Monday, May 18, 2009


“How do you feel?” He asks me.

Absolutely fine! What else would I feel? You have fallen in love. People falling in love take themselves in high regards. I’ve seen quite a few of them. They tend to ask such questions. Even worse at times. ‘How do you feel?’ was a lot better one. It at least considers your position. The questioner deserves gratitude.

“It’s great!....finally you have found your soulmate!” Courtesy Harshad! for that elegant word.

“Yes….I think she is my real Jeevan Saathi….god sent!....just for me….our knot has been tied in heaven…trust me!”

Confidence is the greatest possession of strong men. Strong men like Piyush. They even know what God has in mind for them. It’s divine to know such truth. I wish I possessed even a quarter of that magnificent power. The power to recognize the aptness of every occurring in your life. That too, when you only know only a single facet of its occurrence. I respect such enlightened existences.

Out of the respect, I smile broadly and nod. I also wink in addition, to make it look more genuine.

He takes it as a smile of acceptance. He speaks further.

“What?....will just keep smiling or will you ask the name too?”Yes I will ask the name. And I will also pretend to be happy to know it. Also will I congratulate you on your great choice and then feel concerned about your families. I have a plan of action ready. And I have just practiced it to perfection. You don’t know. There was one before you with the same declaration.

“What’s the name??.....Tell me quickly….I am dying to know!!” A class act. Some things need no rehearsals.

He blushes. I feel llike saying “Wow! You look so cute when you blush!”. But I avoid doing it. That would put me to the risk of being his next crush. Maybe his Jeevan Saathi too. I didn’t want to be in that situation. Yet I couldn’t avoid commenting on his blush rush.

“”Oh man! are blushing like a girl!!...” No girl blushes this way. Also, girls don’t blush this way. That is quite a chauvinist idiom. Like many other of them. Using it could land me in problem with girls, which I didn’t want. So I usually avoided using it, to prevent myself from hurting delicate feelings of delicate hearts in those delicate beings. But as I said, I had to comment on it. It was too compulsive an urge to restrict. “What to do…It’s happening for the first time…” He replies blushing even more.

First time? Was he falling in love for the first time. This twenty six years old bullock was falling in love for the first time? What was the problem? Didn’t he have balls or did his hormones start functioning on this very auspicious day.

“Really?...That’s nice…so tell me…what’s her name?”

He says it in a tone even he himself wouldn't have heard. And he blushes again.

“Arey……louder…a bit louder….I dint hear you” As I said, he stamped his foot on the floor like a girl.

Then wearing an XXL sized smile he said in a slightly higher pitch….