Monday, June 1, 2009

2. c (extension)

“How did you know?” The question impulsively erupts in my mind. I hold it back.

“Yeah???...” A fake laughter and then a “Really?” As if I don’t know.
“Yeah” She plays with the sparse hair on my chest.

“How do you know?”
“He told me today.”

Damn bloody Idiot! I thought he won’t tell anybody. But he dis. He spilled his sanctity before her. And of everybody else, her. The woman whose brain was like an uncovered milk vessel on flame. It keeps spilling its contents all over. Like it had spilled it over me. It will begin spilling on everybody else slowly. And the entire world will know Harshad is chasing Shamita. Sorry! He is in love with Shamita. And then it would cause a bit of discomfort for Piyush. Just a bit.
Shit! This wasn’t favorable for my plan. All would be ruined. Why did the Chutiya have to tell her? I hadn’t yet had a counter plan for Piyush. I would have to race for a plan now. I would have to be fast. Faster than her words.

“You are his sister na….” I say teasing her. My mind contemplates on a plan.

“What’s up with you guys??....this brother-sister business?” I ask. My mind wanders through instances.

“He has a cousin sister whose name was Barkha…like me…so….he considers me his sister”
“Thank god I didn’t have any cousin sister by that name”
“If u had…you would have slept with her too”

I pinch her hard. She cries in pain. I find a plan.


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solitarywhite said...

anay really needs a plan??

even after sleeping with her?

enlightenment in the following posts needed